Bollywood Inc.

New money is pushing Bollywood into Hollywood’s league. From industrial conglomerates wanting to build entertainment empires to foreign fund managers seeking to profit from individual projects, Bollywood, as the Indian film industry is widely known, is attracting new money like never before. Rise of Bollywood Inc.

Dream Factory

Integrators and Segmentors

“a Knowledge@Wharton article explains that there are two kinds of workers: segmentors and integrators. Segmentors want to maintain a strict separation between work and home while integrators don’t mind mixing the two. The piece posits that segmentors might actually mind too many perks at their workplace and find their commitment eroding. Does Google have a disproportionate number of integrators in its workforce? What kind of worker are you — segmentor or integrator?” Via /.

Perk Place: The Benefits Offered by Google and Others May Be Grand, but They’re All Business

Computer Virtualization in Java!

“Researchers at Oxford University have produced a Java-based x86 emulator that they hope will be useful in testing applications and learning about viruses without damaging the host, utilizing the robust sandboxing that Java provides. They have an online demo available that boots DOS and has some games to play. Being purely Java, this emulator should be able to run on almost anything, including cell phones.” Via /.

Java-based x86 emulator

Book: Free and Open Source Software

“MIT Press has released its book Perspectives on Free and Open Source Software as a free PDF download. The book is a collection of research essays covering topics such as open source motivation, economics, business models, software development process and tools, law, and community. Sort of like ‘Open Sources’ from academics. David Parnas, Larry Lessig, Eric von Hippel, and Clay Shirky are among the contributors.” – /.

Perspectives on Free and Open Source Software

Encrypt your sensitive data

Encrypt your sensitive data with TrueCrypt, perhaps the best tool for the job. God forbid but even if your notebook gets stolen or misplaced, then your sensitive or confidential data is secure. For the paranoid, there is a hidden chamber option and algorithm cascading! See the manual if you’re paranoid 🙂 Cross-platform, free, open-source, comprehensive and easy-to-use.

Encrypt your hard drive with TrueCrypt (2)

Adobe Apollo

Taking client side internet browsing a step further, Adobe Apollo is a cross-OS/platform independent runtime that allows developers to leverage their existing web development skills (Flash, Flex, HTML, Ajax) to build and deploy desktop Rich Internet Applicatons (RIA’s). The applications can be run both online and offline. See potential applications in these demo videos.

Adobe Apollo

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248-dimension math problem solved

“An international team of mathematicians has detailed a vast complex numerical “structure” which was invented more than a century ago. Mapping the 248-dimensional structure, called E8, took four years of work and produced more data than the Human Genome Project, researchers said.” -BBC

248-dimension math puzzle solved (2)

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