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Auction of Ground-Breaking Social Networking Patent

“Ocean Tomo Auctions today announced it will offer for sale “the Jaipuria Patent”, U.S. Patent 7,047,202, and a pending continuation-in-part application, which are amongst the foremost patent filings related to the social networking industry. The Jaipuria Patent was filed in 2001 and claims priority to an earlier application filed in India in 2000 — before the growth of the social networking industry.” – Forbes (through Mashable)

Ocean Tomo To Sell Ground-Breaking Social Networking Patent

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Project Management made easy

37signals, an internet SaaS company, provides very intuitive, aesthetic, easy to use and free online tools for personal and collaborative project management. The services are chargeable for higher online storage requirements. The site has video demos to show how these tools work; worth giving a look. List is as follows:

Basecamp – project management and colloboration
Highrise – Track deals, clients, vendors, simple CRM
Backpack – Information organizer and calandar
Campfire – Real-time group chat with file sharing

The best feature is that all the conversations, file sharing, to-do lists, etc are archived in a calendar format and can be seen as an overview or can be searched or browsed through later.

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Nikon’s Educational site on Flickr

Nikon has teamed up with Flickr to launch a sponsored educational activity on the photo-sharing site, called the Nikon Digital Learning Center. – Mashable!

Nikon Opens Educational site on Flickr

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Ratan Tata: The Last Rajah

“If you put a gun to my head,” Tata declared, “you had better take the gun away or pull the trigger, because I’m not moving.”

The Last Rajah

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Space hotel sees 2012 opening

“Galactic Suite”, the first hotel planned in space, expects to open for business in 2012 and would allow guests to travel around the world in 80 minutes. Its Barcelona-based architects say the space hotel will be the most expensive in the galaxy, costing $4 million for a three-day stay. – CNN

Fly me to the moon: Space hotel sees 2012 opening

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Virgin taking air travel to a higher altitude

Not physically, metaphorically… The kind of flights that are expected in the 21st Century are finally here, well at least in America. Virgin America, the new Airline by Richard Branson’s Virgin group, has an unrivalled in-flight entertainment system. Aesthetics, personal screens (commonplace),¬† a QWERTY controller (not so common), Linux based systems running Google Maps , chat, etc., Ethernet ports for every seat, and in cabin Wi-Fi! Ironically (and sadly) the services are not available in UK considering that Virgin is British company.

Virgin America: Like a Multimillion-Dollar IPod. That Flies.

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An Internet mogul known by few

Business 2.0 magazine covered the story of Kevin Ham’s life, an internet titan you’ve probably never heard of. A fascinating article.

The man who owns the Internet

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China threatens to trigger US dollar crash

Wow! $1,330 billion “nuclear” alternative.

China threatens to trigger US dollar crash

Related: Consumerism is leading to US decline

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International WWW Conference

International World Wide Web Conference is a global event that brings together key innovators, decision-makers, technologists, businesses, and standards bodies shaping the Web. The conference is sponsored by the likes of Google, Yahoo!, Microsoft, Nokia and more.

Organized by the IW3C2 since 1994, the WWW conference is an annual gathering place of the international community to discuss and debate the future evolution of the Web.

Past conference websites contain research papers, podcasts, presentations, posters etc. freely available for those interested.

Past conference websites: and so on…

Next Conference: (Beijing, China, April 2008)

History India

Turning Points that shaped India

A timeline of the conflicts, trends and transformations that helped shape modern India.

Turning Points that shaped India