Tata Nano Unveiled!

The much anticipated Tata’s $2500 car was unveiled today.

“The car will meet all current safety norms and all emission criteria. The pollution it will cause will be lower than 2-wheelers.”

Not since the launch of the Maruti 800 in 1983 has any car gripped the imagination of a nation and indeed car manufacturers the world over so intensely. If commercially successful, the Tata Nano can alter the passenger car market in India, and perhaps the world, beyond description.

arrow_blue_small Tata Nano Unveiled!

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5 thoughts on “Tata Nano Unveiled!

  1. I appreciate your concern and thought. Though I value freedom of expression, shouldn’t you avoid some the harsh statements you’ve made? Because, it assumes you know India in all completeness and with all clarity, which is certainly not true. Your views are based on limited space-time and they are just perspectives (by definition of a ‘view’). That said, I enjoyed reading your article, it is thoughtful and well-written.

  2. “A Promise is a Promise”. This is what Mr. Ratan Tata said when he launched TATA Nano. He gave a perfect answer to people who said it’s not feasible to manufacture a car in Indian Rs. 1, 00,000.
    The product TATA Nano is simply amazing. TATA Nano is believed to a mileage of 24kms for every liter of fuel, 8% smaller bumper to bumper distance than Maruti 800 (competitor in India) and still 21% spacious than Maruti.
    This is possible only with TATA Group. The values and culture followed at TATA Group is one of the major factors for there products being so successful. I happened to use a product called “LEARN ENGLISH THROUGH LOVE AND ROMANCE” an Edutainment product developed by Espoir Technologies who’s Creative Director & Chief Mentor happens to be Ex VP TATA Group.
    “My poor communication skills were the major obstacle for my growth in my software career. I frequently made errors in using English grammar and pronunciations, since I did my schooling in regional vernacular medium. After slogging it out for 10-12 hrs in office, reading those bulky and boring books was just not working for me. I got an opportunity to interact with some professionals from ESPOIR Technologies during their promotion campaign in my company and purchased ‘Learn English Through Love and Romance’. I never knew learning English was so easy and interesting. My career has taken a jumpstart since then”.
    – Amit Kumar,Software Professional

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