Firefox 3 crosses 1 Million downloads in under 4 hours

The latest version of the Firefox Browser exceeded 1 Million downloads in the first 4 hours according to Ars.

Mozilla foundation, the creators of Firefox browser, aim to make a world record of maximum number of software downloads in a 24-hour period with their latest release.

At the time of posting this blog entry, the count was 1.69 million, see the download map to check out the latest tally.

Update: Firefox’s official announcement says “more than 8 million Firefox 3 downloads in the first 24 hours”.


World’s biggest solar farm in Portugal

“When fully commissioned later this year, the £250m farm set on abandoned state-owned land will be twice the size of any other similar project in the world, covering an area nearly twice the size of London’s Hyde park. It is expected to supply 45MW of electricity each year, enough to power 30,000 homes.” – Guardian

EU renewable energy league


  • Sweden 2005 39.8%, target by 2020 49%
  • Latvia 34.9%, target 42%
  • Finland 28.5%, target 38%
  • Austria 23.3%, target 34%
  • Portugal 20.5%, target 31%


  • Cyprus 2.9%, target by 2020 13%
  • Netherlands 2.4%, target 14%
  • Ireland 3.1%, target 16%
  • Netherlands 2.4%, target 14%
  • Belgium 2.2%, target 13%
  • UK 1.3%, target 15%

World’s biggest solar farm at centre of Portugal’s ambitious energy plan

Presentations by Business Innovators (Videos)

The Business Innovation Factory Conference website maintains an archive of video recordings of presentations given by industry leaders during past years of the conference on their business practices and ways in which you could excel in running your own business.

Business Innovation Factory (BIF) (in their own words):

“An independent, non-profit organization launched in 2005, the Business Innovation Factory was founded to enable collaborative innovation. The BIF idea is simple: create a platform where public and private sector partners can collaborate across boundaries to focus on big win projects and deliver transformative innovations.”

Business Innovation Factory: presentations

Pay your employees to quit, its worth it

“Why? Because if you’re willing to take the company up on the offer, you obviously don’t have the sense of commitment they are looking for.”

An intriguing article points out the practice followed by Zappos (an online retailer with >$1 Bil sales), which pays its newly recruited employees $1,000 to leave the job.

Why Zappos Pays New Employees to Quit—And You Should Too