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Paper-thin bendable display

LG.Phillips have developed the world’s frist 14.1 inch color electronic paper which display a crips picture even when it is bent.

SKorea’s LG Philipps develops first A4 colour e-paper

Innovation Science Technology

Mathematicians design a wormhole

“New calculations show how to make an electromagnetic “wormhole”—a tube that is invisible from the sides, allowing light to shine down the centre unseen” Original Source: /.

Envision This: Mathematicians Design Invisible Tunnel

Innovation Social Technology

Need not read, hear it

BlueGrind is a useful service which converts text based blog/news articles into speech. Although, it is not a new technology, yet the presentation and the implementation is pretty neat. The service is primarily aimed at facilitating visually impaired people, however, the ability to download the converted audio files as mp3 means that you can carry your news around in your portable media player as a podcast.


Business Technology

Microsoft unveils Silverlight

“Microsoft Corp., the world’s largest software maker, unveiled on Sunday a new online media platform called Silverlight to challenge Adobe Systems Inc.’s dominant Flash player.”

“Silverlight, which will be demonstrated at the National Association of Broadcasters conference, allows content providers to deliver games, videos and animation over the Web in a dynamic way with advanced graphics.”

Silverlight takes on Flash

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Adobe video player takes video offline

“Adobe Systems Inc. unveiled on Sunday video-player software that lets consumers play back video online or offline, a move that could help reshape an acrimonious debate over video-sharing. Adobe Video Player builds on the leading design software maker’s Flash player, already the dominant technology used to stream video online by sites ranging from YouTube to MySpace to MSN to Yahoo Video.” – PC Magazine

New Adobe player takes video offline

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Joost, a follow up

I received a Joost invitation to test the Beta version after 2 months of signing up for it on its website. The first impressions of the website/application are great. The whole look and feel makes it a very pleasant experience. However, on my 1.2 GHz PIII Mobile Laptop with 510MB (available) Ram, and 4Mbps internet connection, the video is rather jerky and the application crashes very often. If you want an invitation to test it, drop in a comment to this post (update: more invites available).


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Social Technology

LG Prada, competition for iPhone?

The new LG Prada phone looks quite impressive. It is quite similar to the iPhone in functionality, big touch screen, easy to use interface, etc. However at 85 grams is considerably lighter than the iPhone which is 130 grams (the main reason why I might not get an iPhone) and more importantly being available in UK for £350 is a lot more wallet friendly than the iPhone which is expected to retail at around £600. Well, perhaps iPod owners/lovers will be more inclined to get the iPhone ofcourse (excluding me), not to mention that it will support iTunes content, will be easy to sync and has WiFi unlike Prada.

LG Prada (video)

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Productivity Technology

Windows XP Multi-desktop manager

Yod’m 3D (Yet another desktop manager) is a tool that enables Windows XP have multiple desktops at one time, Vista style. The sessions can be switched from one to another using a rotating cube with each session on one side. It helps productivity by segmenting work and play.

Windows XP Multi-desktops

Get Yod’m 3D

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Book: Free and Open Source Software

“MIT Press has released its book Perspectives on Free and Open Source Software as a free PDF download. The book is a collection of research essays covering topics such as open source motivation, economics, business models, software development process and tools, law, and community. Sort of like ‘Open Sources’ from academics. David Parnas, Larry Lessig, Eric von Hippel, and Clay Shirky are among the contributors.” – /.

Perspectives on Free and Open Source Software

Productivity Technology

Adobe Apollo

Taking client side internet browsing a step further, Adobe Apollo is a cross-OS/platform independent runtime that allows developers to leverage their existing web development skills (Flash, Flex, HTML, Ajax) to build and deploy desktop Rich Internet Applicatons (RIA’s). The applications can be run both online and offline. See potential applications in these demo videos.

Adobe Apollo

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