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Automate your mundane web tasks with CoScripter

CoScripter is an extension to the Firefox browser that captures commands and entries as a person uses the Internet, a process called programming by demonstration. The resulting script appears in a pane of the browser window. In some respects, CoScripter works like the macro recording function of Microsoft Word, but there is a critical difference. Unlike Word macros, CoScripter results can be edited easily because they’re written in understandable language. They can also be shared through a wiki, which minimizes re-invention of internet “wheels.” CoScripter is also useful for repetitive common daily processes on the Web such as checking email, checking flight arrival times and status, or searching for WI-FI hotspots in an area. Key to CoScripter is what the researchers dubbed “sloppy programming.” This means the script is readable both by humans and machines.

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