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Heavier weight ≠ greater energy cost

Researchers at University of Pennsylvania have developed a backpack which makes one feel ‘86% reduction’ in the weight being carried. A bungee system keeps the weight suspended at the same height above the ground while the carrier is walking or running, [resulting in a constant potential energy for the suspended weight] hence reducing the strain on the body. Innovative!

Bungee-Powered Backpack Can Lighten Your Load

2 replies on “Heavier weight ≠ greater energy cost”

That’s a very innovative idea, and I imagine it would be great for soldiers. Though I have my doubts about its aesthetic appeal; I don’t suppose it will be very stylish for school children.

I wondered the same, was actually trying to imagine how it would look. If the suspended load is too low at any given point then, it may touch obstacles on the ground that the carrier (especially soldiers) actually intended to avoid by jumping etc. The bungee must have an optimum tension which prevents this from happening, which suggests that at such events the backpack looses its function. So just like car suspensions, it also has limits. Yet, very useful.

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