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Men/Women, who’s happier, why?

According to a research at Princeton, men are happier overall today than women, and more happier than 30-40 years ago. Have a look at the graphic that shows the findings, as to which activities men and women dislike doing. The graphic may generate false idea though, read the full article to know the reasons behind them.

arrow_blue_small He’s Happier, She’s Less So

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Facebook @ Stanford

You know a web application/platform has become mainstream when there is a course at Stanford University on it. A course called “Create Engaging Web Applications Using Metrics and Learning on Facebook” will be added to Computer Science depatement’s offerings at Stanford this fall.  – via VentureBeat

Facebook to take over Stanford classroom

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Irving Wladawsky-Berger’s talk

I was delighted to attend Irving’s talk this morning. Some thoughts I retained and that I thought you may find insightful:

  • Innovation: Move from Technology innovation to Business innovation and Societal innovation
  • Complexity in IT: The need to learn from other engineering disciplines
    • Traditionally we have been compensating the lack of engineering with good/talented labour (consultants)
    • Business simulations to get it right the “first” time, like micro-processors/airplanes
  • The move from Industrial economy to Knowledge economy
    • And the move from “Classical” Engineering to “Services Sciences”
    • Moving up the value-chain/pyramid: At the very bottom is Technology, then Products, then Applications and then Business
    • Far fewer jobs expected at the bottom, and only the very best will be needed and will survive.
    • Move up the value-chain to do an interesting job
    • Business optimization > Business > Applications > Products > Technology
  • Flexibility and Adaptability – Not just important for success (opportunity) but important for survival (fear)
    • Fear >> Opportunities. Fear is more effective, typically.
    • Biological systems and eco-systems: Survival of the fittest
    • Business: Ability to respond to change
    • Personal also.
  • Human Designs – Visual, Interactive and Immersive interfaces for everything (virtual worlds)

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Nikon’s Educational site on Flickr

Nikon has teamed up with Flickr to launch a sponsored educational activity on the photo-sharing site, called the Nikon Digital Learning Center. – Mashable!

Nikon Opens Educational site on Flickr

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International WWW Conference

International World Wide Web Conference is a global event that brings together key innovators, decision-makers, technologists, businesses, and standards bodies shaping the Web. The conference is sponsored by the likes of Google, Yahoo!, Microsoft, Nokia and more.

Organized by the IW3C2 since 1994, the WWW conference is an annual gathering place of the international community to discuss and debate the future evolution of the Web.

Past conference websites contain research papers, podcasts, presentations, posters etc. freely available for those interested.

Past conference websites: and so on…

Next Conference: (Beijing, China, April 2008)

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YAWN: A new breed of affluents

“In the Eighties, the yuppies brayed into their oversized mobiles and Gordon Gekko declared in the film Wall Street that greed was good.

In the Nineties, Harry Enfield’s self-made Brummies boasted that they were “considerably richer than yow”, while City high-fliers guzzled magnums of Champagne and dashed around in their flashy sports cars.

A new generation of the seriously rich has emerged, but with a difference: the ostentation has gone. The new breed is self-made, socially aware, concerned about the planet and gives a lot of money to charity. They are the “Yawns” – young and wealthy but normal.” – Telegraph

Young rich are more Yawn than yuppie

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10 Reasons You Should Never Get a Job

An amazing article about why doing a job is not what you should really be doing!

10 Reasons You Should Never Get a Job

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Business Outsourcing vs Funding Startups

India and China may rule the world when bidding economic resources for information processing, however, its Central and Eastern Europe and Russia that are attracting attention from investors who look for creativity and innovation crucial for startups. – BusinessWeek
From an Indian perspective, there is a lot of raw talent and creativity out there. What needs to further develop is the environment that breeds this creativity and brings it out in the youth. Startups are being promoted in India no doubt, nevertheless, instilling such ideas at most schools and colleges (barring a few elite) is still almost non-existent. When this goes mainstream, there will be a boom in creative thinking from the Indian minds.

Where The VCs Are Flocking Now

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Gravity ain’t a force as you were taught in school

Ninety years after he expounded his famous theory, a $700m Nasa probe has proved that the universe behaves as he said. Now the race is on to show that the other half of relativity also works.

Einstein was right: space and time bend

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Book: Free and Open Source Software

“MIT Press has released its book Perspectives on Free and Open Source Software as a free PDF download. The book is a collection of research essays covering topics such as open source motivation, economics, business models, software development process and tools, law, and community. Sort of like ‘Open Sources’ from academics. David Parnas, Larry Lessig, Eric von Hippel, and Clay Shirky are among the contributors.” – /.

Perspectives on Free and Open Source Software