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Can’t find it with search? Ask!

Yahoo! Answers motto – “Can’t find it with search? Ask”. It is simply a bigger version of a typical “news group” with better look and feel; or there is more to it?

Dr. Stephen Hawking asks “How can the human race survive the next hundred years”?

The President of India asks “What should we do to free our planet from terrorism”?

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iPhone… wow!

I quickly discounted the new Apple iPhone launched this week as the latest fad; clearly I was wrong. After seeing Mr. Showman’s keynote there is little doubt that iPhone’s technological innovation, product innovation and business model innovation has great potential. However there are few not-so-impressive things: slow web traffic, limited choice of service providers, no third party apps and $499 price tag. (Btw, AAPL stock is all-time high at $94.62 today, up from $86.37 before the keynote!). iPhone – it’s everything 🙂

Macworld San Francisco 2007 Keynote Address

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How to write a cool CS conference paper…in 5 secs

How to write a cool CS conference paper…in 5 secs? Use an automatic paper generator. Thanks to folks at MIT for highlighting the sadly low standards of some of the conferences these days. Via Grady Booch’s blog.

SCIgen – An Automatic CS Paper Generator

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The Fortune at the Bottom of the Pyramid

A business & strategy viewpoint by world famous “thinker” C.K. Prahalad that I’ve just started reading is quite insightful. Having the advantage of being in 2007, five years since it was originally published in 2002, gives an opportunity to evaluate its vision and thus also to extrapolate what is about to happen. Via Sramana Mitra’s blog.

Fortune at the Bottom of the Pyramid (pdf)

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The Urban Vehicle Grid

I came across some exciting research work that the UCLA CS team are doing  around “the urban vehicle grid”, a vehicle-to-vehicle system (much like a peer-to-peer network), whereby vehicles may participate in opportunistic “Ad-Hoc” wireless networks and may produce data about its environment (pavement condition, weather data, physiological condition of passengers); act as an information gateway for such content; and collaborate with other vehicles (forward collision warning, intersection collision warning, ice on bridge…). Pretty cool.

Communication and Content sharing in the Urban Vehicle Grid (very detailed info)

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Insight into future of Computer Architecture

A very insightful interview by the legendary H&P. Summary: The future is parallelism and we don’t (yet) have a good programming abstraction for it. The most promising solutions IMHO thus far are STMs and some aspects of IBM X10 (ppt).

A Conversation with John Hennessy and David Patterson

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Termites: Green fuel factory?

Nobel laureate Steven Chu has suggested that understanding the digestive system of termites can solve world’s energy problems. The termites turn cellulose into ethanol, releasing no more carbon than it took to produce. No more global warming due to carbon emissions.

Termite guts can save the planet

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Ad-free free television…the future is bright

You decide what you want to watch, when you want to watch, ad-free, free, and lots of content (almost all channels in the world) – hasn’t happened yet, but Venice Project looks like a perfect kick-start. Via ars. Concept: IPTV.

Inside The Venice Project & Exclusive Screen Shots

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How to prune web like a monkey

  1. Search for x on the web – Google (and others)
  2. What is x summarised and where does it fit in the big picture? – Social collaboration: Wikipedia (and other wikis)
  3. What are cool things x; in category y and/or time z? – Social collaboration: Reddit, Digg, Blogs via Technorati or WordPress top list; or RSS aggregation: Client-side (Sharpreader..) or Server-side (Reader, Bloglines..)
  • (1) is moving closer to (2) and (3) with searchmash.
  • (2) is moving closer to (1) with Wikiasari.
  • (3) seems independent at the moment – any opportunities to move closer to (1) or (2)?
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Your own ‘free’ ‘hosted’ wiki!

Want a wiki for your own project? Can’t be bothered to have your own LAMP setup, hardware/networking resources, admin. security and authentication? And, certainly not bothered to choose amongst 50+ wiki software? Wikipedia founder’s latest venture, backed by several famous angel investors – Wikia is for you! Via PCMag.