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The new ‘Powered by reddit’ brings social news for India; based on reddit source and with a clean and minimal user-interface like YCombinator’s Hacker News. The site allows user participation to submit new stories, to share them via email, comment on them or vote it up or down.

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California consumes more petrol than India or China!

“…a familiar line spouted by Americans these days is, ‘Why should the US curb energy consumption, when India and China are guzzling petrol and polluting the whole globe?’…”

California consumes more petrol than India!

Amazing Stat: California Uses More Gas than China

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A good night’s sleep best way to boost memory

The brain consolidates learned experiences and harden up weak memories which otherwise might fade in time. “People complain about sleep deprivation, but now with the 24/7 society and information overload we need our sleep more than ever.”

Sleeping soundly ‘boosts memory’

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Harnessing ocean wave energy

Wave dragon “is a pioneering large scale ocean energy solution for bulk electricity generation.” “The Wave Dragon overtopping device elevates ocean waves to a reservoir above sea level where water is let out through a number of turbines and in this way transformed into electricity.”
Watch the promotional video below.


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Meditation for inner peace

Scientists are beginning to uncover evidence that meditation has a tangible effect on the brain — there is evidence that meditation changes brain structures.

arrow_blue_small Scientists probe meditation secrets

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PicLens — wow!

PicLens instantly transforms your browser into a full-screen, 3D experience for viewing images on the web. Supports Flickr, Picasa Web Albums, Facebook, MySpace, Google Images, Yahoo Images and more. Available as a Firefox add-on and IE Plug-in. Awesome tool for all photo enthusiasts.

arrow_blue_small PicLens

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Teach your brain to stretch time

‘Mike Hall has taught himself to stretch time. He uses his powers to make him a better squash player. “It’s hard to describe, but it’s a feeling of stillness, like I’m not trapped in sequential time any more,” he says. “The ball still darts around, but it moves around the court at different speeds depending on the circumstances. It’s like I’ve stepped out of linear time.”‘

arrow_blue_small Teach your brain to stretch time

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Flickr images as they are uploaded

Flickr images as they are uploaded. Clever mashup.

arrow_blue_small Flickrvision

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Bottled Water Vs. Tap Water

Chemicals, contaminants, pollution, price: new reasons to rethink what you drink and beware of bottled water.
arrow_blue_small Bottled Water Vs. Tap Water

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First zero-emission home unveiled

“The design, unveiled at the Offsite 2007 exhibition in Watford, meets rules to be applied in 2016 that aim to make UK homes more energy-efficient.”

The home generates all its own energy – and when you’re away on holiday can send electricity back to the National Grid. The company says its annual energy bill would be £31, as compared to £500 for the standard new home of this size.” -BBC

First zero-emission home unveiled

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