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Freecycle to recycle

Got something you don’t use anymore, but can’t be bothered to sell it on eBay? Don’t throw it away and contribute to unnecessary waste, but consider freecycling it! Alternatively, interested in a freebie and looking for the next bargain at £0.00? Freecycle is for you! Freecycle network consists of local groups that give/get such things for free.


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Scientists successfully store “e=mc2 1905” on DNA of living matter

“A Japanese university announced scientists there have developed a new technology that uses bacteria DNA as a medium for storing data long-term, even for thousands of years.”

Scientists: Data-storing bacteria could last thousands of years

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Huge underground “ocean” found beneath Asia

 “…But nobody will be exploring this sea by submarine. The water is locked in moisture-containing rocks 400 to 800 miles (700 to 1,400 kilometers) beneath the surface.”

Huge underground “ocean” found beneath Asia

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Scientists must learn to market their work

Simplification and availability of information enables us to do bigger/better things. “(Scientists should) take their scientific studies, market them better and make them readily accessible to the world. That way, the world might have a better chance at solving problems like energy consumption, poverty and global climate change.”

Google’s Page urges scientists to market themselves

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Garbage -> Fuel

Researchers have built and tested for the military a portable machine that efficiently turns waste into electricity.

A Portable Refinery Powered by Garbage

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Water computer

MIT’s Paulo is doing some exciting work with ‘Programmable Water’; very early days, nonetheless very exciting. My dad started his PhD research at IIT Bombay in 1972 on exactly this topic!

Do we really invent things or simply rediscover them?

Programmable Water

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Alternative Energy is hotter than ever!

“The reason we’re allocating dollars to this sector is we think we can deliver attractive returns…It’s not because we want to do great things for the environment or great things for the world,” though he adds that that is a “great byproduct.”

Green investments: The color of money

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Vegetarian is the New Prius

Would you believe me if I said the livestock sector generates more emissions than from all of the world’s transportation combined!? “Producing a calorie of meat protein means burning more than ten times as much fossil fuels.”

Vegetarian is the New Prius

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Long-term economic impact of climate change

The Insurance industry needs to provide leadership for a change, even though contradictingly it is accepted that most big insurers are heavily invested in those businesses that are the biggest contributors to global warming. Furthermore, even if we can convince businesses in US and Europe, how can we make our point to emerging countries who are contributing emissions that are ~5% of US, but is rapidly rising?

A Changing Climate

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Termites: Green fuel factory?

Nobel laureate Steven Chu has suggested that understanding the digestive system of termites can solve world’s energy problems. The termites turn cellulose into ethanol, releasing no more carbon than it took to produce. No more global warming due to carbon emissions.

Termite guts can save the planet