Firefox 3 crosses 1 Million downloads in under 4 hours

The latest version of the Firefox Browser exceeded 1 Million downloads in the first 4 hours according to Ars.

Mozilla foundation, the creators of Firefox browser, aim to make a world record of maximum number of software downloads in a 24-hour period with their latest release.

At the time of posting this blog entry, the count was 1.69 million, see the download map to check out the latest tally.

Update: Firefox’s official announcement says “more than 8 million Firefox 3 downloads in the first 24 hours”.


6 replies on “Firefox 3 crosses 1 Million downloads in under 4 hours”

thats great i’ve downloaded firefox3 its very good but i found a lot of bugs for example if i go to it makes firefox stuck.

No bugs.Excellent browsing.So far I have not come across any problem in my Windows XP. Thanks Firefox People.I have used it in Yahoo,Hotmail and Google of course.No Problem at all.

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