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Irving Wladawsky-Berger’s talk

I was delighted to attend Irving’s talk this morning. Some thoughts I retained and that I thought you may find insightful:

  • Innovation: Move from Technology innovation to Business innovation and Societal innovation
  • Complexity in IT: The need to learn from other engineering disciplines
    • Traditionally we have been compensating the lack of engineering with good/talented labour (consultants)
    • Business simulations to get it right the “first” time, like micro-processors/airplanes
  • The move from Industrial economy to Knowledge economy
    • And the move from “Classical” Engineering to “Services Sciences”
    • Moving up the value-chain/pyramid: At the very bottom is Technology, then Products, then Applications and then Business
    • Far fewer jobs expected at the bottom, and only the very best will be needed and will survive.
    • Move up the value-chain to do an interesting job
    • Business optimization > Business > Applications > Products > Technology
  • Flexibility and Adaptability – Not just important for success (opportunity) but important for survival (fear)
    • Fear >> Opportunities. Fear is more effective, typically.
    • Biological systems and eco-systems: Survival of the fittest
    • Business: Ability to respond to change
    • Personal also.
  • Human Designs – Visual, Interactive and Immersive interfaces for everything (virtual worlds)

Favourite quote: “If you think lots about something, then there is nothing new, everything is obvious, BUT you have to think LOTS about it first!”

Irving Wladawsky-Berger, IBM Strategy Head. Irving‘s Blog: