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History of Delusion

5,000 years of religion in 90 seconds (flash). Original via reddit. See comments.

History of Religion

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Consumerism is leading to US decline

I don’t quite share the US nationalism of the author, but fully agree with his/her passionate article – consumerism is leading to US decline and we’re creating the biggest debt in human history for the next generation. Update: $100.60 spent for $100 earned.

Santa Clause is Chinese


Linux distributions timeline (picture)

A nice visualization of millions of Linux distributions over the last decade or so, their timeline and relationships.

Linux distro timeline

Art India Travel

Shunya’s travel pictures from India

Interested in Photography? Shunya has some of the best travel pictures of India. Check’em out.

Shunya’s travel pictures from India

Productivity Technology

15 unusual ways to use Google

Cool collection of 15 tips to use Google. And here is a 16th: mp3 files for your fav. artist! And a 17th: pdf papers for your research topic from US educational institutions 🙂 Original link via Lifehacker.

Exploring Google’s Hidden Features

Innovation Productivity

And you thought printed books were not cool?

A fascinating and well priced service to create your own professional books!



MIT’s OpenCourseWare

Personally I think MIT’s OpenCourseWare is a great idea, but I’m not sure of one thing – has it made a real difference? What do you think?

MIT OpenCourseWare


Google launches Patent search

Nice! Would the next step be to convert “mumbo jumbo” in a patent text to a simple summary?

IMHO, the quality of patents awarded by USPTO has raised serious questions and greatly undermined real novel ideas, for example, see Method of swinging on swing and Method of exercising a cat. Many more at PatentlySilly. However, there is still some hope, as the patent quality problem is well recognised and efforts are underway to address this problem, for example, see Patent review goes Wiki and Community Patent Review.

For new patents see FreshPatents.

Google Patent Search

Science Technology

Plastic Solar Cells: Cheaper ‘green’ electricity?

A new analytical technique for the generation of electricity through plastic solar cells, developed by a team led by Penn State University, was published as the cover story in this week’s issue of the Journal of Physical Chemistry B.

How Plastic Solar Cells Turn Sunlight into Electricity

Productivity Technology

Cool way to test your bandwidth

“The site allows you to select servers to ping from around the country on an interactive map and graphically displays connections as they travel with varying speeds along the way. It also lets you store results of tests for your computer and sort them by date, time, speed and distance.” Original link from Digg.