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The Eligible-Bachelor Paradox

You can think of this traditional concept of the search for marriage partners as a kind of an auction. In this auction, some women will be more confident of their prospects, others less so. In game-theory terms, you would call the first group “strong bidders” and the second “weak bidders.” Your first thought might be that the “strong bidders”—women who (whether because of looks, social ability, or any other reason) are conventionally deemed more of a catch—would consistently win this kind of auction.

But this is not true…

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1 reply on “The Eligible-Bachelor Paradox”

Indeed a great concept and very well explained but its more for the common .I guess with changing times some people are shifting from the most eligible bachelor to a bachelor who is just a simple human being acceptable in the eyes of the viewer. Concepts of economics if not practised in these areas would give better results.

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