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The Trouble With India

Appalling infrastructure and corruption are very serious concerns; there is some hope – Entrepreneurs and the Right-To-Information Act.

The Trouble With India

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The businessweek cover story reports on a well covered ground. More interesting is the back of the magazine where Jack and Suzy Welch compare India and China. The Humar Grrrr factor as they call it.

Indians know what is wrong and what it takes to fix it, however, lack of Grrrr factor limits how much of the potential is converted into actual achievements.

Having said that, perhaps India has come around the corner. The attitude there is markedly positive. The people in Mumbai seem to know what they want and are going after it.

India is indeed in the clutches of corruption and poor infrastructure. I had been to Chennai recently. The roads are dirty and bad with potholes and when it rains it becomes worse with stangnant water all over the city. This makes living hazardous.
Then there is corruption when u go to any government office things don’t move unless money is given under the table.
I feel that only if education system in india improves corruption can be erradicated.

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