0/0 = NaN!

A professor from University of Reading has received lot of skepticism for inventing ‘nullity’ – a value that defines zero divided by zero. An excerpt from a harsh but interesting critic’s blog: “Basically, he’s defined a non-solution to a non-problem.”

Nullity – the Nonsense Number

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[…] I was quite disappointed to read a BBC news story about the a new “theory” that supposedly solves the difficulty of dividing zero by zero (thanks to the blog “Web Pruned by Dawdling Monkeys” for pointing it out). The article discusses a Dr. James Anderson from the United Kingdom who has declared that this value should be called “nullity” and that with this definition, he has solved a “1,200-year-old problem.” While I was annoyed enough to write about it myself, I would actually recommend you read more about this incident at “Good Math, Bad Math,” which is much better written than what I could do. […]

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