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Getting Real

Why being small, simple and agile is important. It’s about “getting real”. By the Ruby-on-rails folks! Many thoughts in this mini-book resonate very well with me and I think they are applicable beyond software development, i.e. in real life too!

Getting Real: The smarter, faster, easier way to build a successful web application (pdf)

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Flashpaper – a huge success in making?

I’m surprised that Flashpaper hasn’t been all over the blogosphere! It’s looks like an amazing thing. No additional viewer to load! Flashpaper file over the network outperforms loading the viewer on my system, scrolling page is faster & neater; the overall experience is very cool! It also seems to be very closely compatible with PDF. Also see, Scribd — very elegant UI and design.

Flashpaper tour

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Technology Review’s Emerging Technologies

“we present the 10 technologies we find most exciting — and most likely to alter industries, fields of research, and even the way we live.”

10 Emerging Technologies 2007 (2006)

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Freecycle to recycle

Got something you don’t use anymore, but can’t be bothered to sell it on eBay? Don’t throw it away and contribute to unnecessary waste, but consider freecycling it! Alternatively, interested in a freebie and looking for the next bargain at £0.00? Freecycle is for you! Freecycle network consists of local groups that give/get such things for free.


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Disposable credit cards

Paranoid about shopping online? Disposable credit cards will be of interest to you. Use them for a single transaction, with a limit of transaction amount to ensure you are not over-charged for any reason. Neat! Launched nearly five years ago; and has shown some success.

Disposable card numbers cutting online fraud, says Cahoot

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Disruptive Innovation

Clayton Christensen describes how one of his friends was responsible for that choice when he commented that “those who study genetics avoid studying humans because new generations come along only every thirty years or so, it takes a long time to understand the cause and effect of any changes. Instead, they study fruit flies, because they are conceived, born, mature and die all within a single day. If you want to understand why something happens in business, study the disk drive industry. Those companies are the closest things to fruit flies that the business world will ever see”. More about Disruptive Innovation at wikipedia.

Disruptive Innovation

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The Trouble With India

Appalling infrastructure and corruption are very serious concerns; there is some hope – Entrepreneurs and the Right-To-Information Act.

The Trouble With India

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Web 2.0 in India

An impressive collection of the key Web 2.0 startups in India.

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Scribd: YouTube of documents

Scribd is a user-based web portal where the users can upload PDF, Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Text, etc. files to share with others. The files can be opened in embedded viewers on the website. Presently the content on the website is neither quantitative nor qualitative, however, it has great potential. Original source: LifeHacker


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Algorithms – is it still useful to understand them?

Absolutely. Learn more about algorithms from this excellent set of tutorials!

Algorithm Tutorials