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YAWN: A new breed of affluents

“In the Eighties, the yuppies brayed into their oversized mobiles and Gordon Gekko declared in the film Wall Street that greed was good.

In the Nineties, Harry Enfield’s self-made Brummies boasted that they were “considerably richer than yow”, while City high-fliers guzzled magnums of Champagne and dashed around in their flashy sports cars.

A new generation of the seriously rich has emerged, but with a difference: the ostentation has gone. The new breed is self-made, socially aware, concerned about the planet and gives a lot of money to charity. They are the “Yawns” – young and wealthy but normal.” – Telegraph

Young rich are more Yawn than yuppie


Time may not exist

An interesting scientific article about space and time. It states that time may just be a faction of human understanding, not a reality. – reddit

Newsflash: Time may not exist


Liars, Damn Liars and Governments

The American government has been convicted of falsely charging and sentencing two innocent men for a murder they did not commit. The FBI filed charges against these men intentionally, withholding evidence of their innocence. The men remained in the prison for 36 years before the truth surfaced and they sued the government for the act. As a result of a recent ruling, the government now is obligated to pay $101.7 million to the men as compensation. According to a Justice Department attorney, this for a greater cause, but then so are all of them.

U.S. must pay $101.7 million to men framed by FBI

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The age of electric cars

The electric green valley car with lot of promise. Flashy, $98k tag and fast. Team is impressive: 250 employees in all create a new car, focus on core differentiating features, outsource mundane stuff and manufacturing, core tech and the bet is on laptop batteries (lots of them); and invent their own business model in mature auto segment. Success is to be seen, looks promising 🙂

Tesla: A Carmaker With Silicon Valley Spark

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The Network/Internet is the Computer

…how we change the fundamental nature of the Web. Web 2.0, mash-ups, and feeds are interesting, but they are step one of a two-step process. The Web today is a push model. People write content that is pushed out to people who read it. Programmers write Web applications that end users “use.” People write mash-ups or scripts to access the “pushed” content. These applications run on the PC today, but I believe that they could migrate into the Internet “cloud.” The Internet now becomes the programmable Internet and can run my applications for me. The tag line is, “The Internet is the computer.”…  by Ex-IBM Fellow and now MS Technical Fellow (note: the emphasis on Software)

btw, Sun have had this tag line for sometime. See Schwartz’s blog entry (note: the emphasis on Hardware), their idea was well ahead of its time, but execution for this vision isn’t simple or quick, and thus hasn’t been so!

Related post: Utility computing + SaaS + Utility retailing = wow! 

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10 Reasons You Should Never Get a Job

An amazing article about why doing a job is not what you should really be doing!

10 Reasons You Should Never Get a Job

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Business Outsourcing vs Funding Startups

India and China may rule the world when bidding economic resources for information processing, however, its Central and Eastern Europe and Russia that are attracting attention from investors who look for creativity and innovation crucial for startups. – BusinessWeek
From an Indian perspective, there is a lot of raw talent and creativity out there. What needs to further develop is the environment that breeds this creativity and brings it out in the youth. Startups are being promoted in India no doubt, nevertheless, instilling such ideas at most schools and colleges (barring a few elite) is still almost non-existent. When this goes mainstream, there will be a boom in creative thinking from the Indian minds.

Where The VCs Are Flocking Now

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Google competitor in the making?

Theseus, a German based project that is aiming to develop “the world’s most advanced multimedia search engine for the next-generation Internet.” will received a cash injection of $165 million from the German Government, under approval by the EU.” – TechCrunch

EU Google Competitor Gets $165 million Kick Start

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Thought vs. Intuition

I was just reading this article and found it very interesting. It is bit slow in the middle, but see if you like it.

To succeed, learn to be intuitive