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TagCow – automatically tag your images!

Metadata, and more specifically tagging, has become synonymous with the Web 2.0 experience.  Tagging allows you (and more importantly, others) to quickly find information of relevance using a couple of keywords.  However, if you are a content creator, it’s also time-consuming, and you risk overlooking certain keywords.

Solutions have been available for automatically tagging text for a while, but now TagCow are offering a solution for automatically tagging your photographs.  The technology used (if it is indeed technology, and not an equivalent to Amazon’s Mechanical Turk) appears to be intentionally vague, but the upshot is that you can upload photos to be tagged, or it can be set to automatically tag all photos in your Flickr stream.  You can even provide images of your friends and family, which will then be used to identify and tag them in future photographs.

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Run your applications in an isolated “container”

Sandboxie is cool technology – a sandbox-type isolation software for the Microsoft Windows operating system. It creates a “container” in which programs can be safely launched without modifying the host’s OS. Useful for browsing the web and throwing away the session completely.

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Tata announces purchase of Jaguar and Land Rover

Car giant Ford is to sell its luxury UK-based car marques Jaguar and Land Rover to Indian company Tata. Tata, India’s biggest vehicle maker, is likely to pay about $2bn (£1bn) in the deal, although analysts will be keen to see the exact price and terms.

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Microtransactions in Games

Microtransactions in Games – good or bad? Clearly, both. Here is a viewpoint against it!

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PicLens — wow!

PicLens instantly transforms your browser into a full-screen, 3D experience for viewing images on the web. Supports Flickr, Picasa Web Albums, Facebook, MySpace, Google Images, Yahoo Images and more. Available as a Firefox add-on and IE Plug-in. Awesome tool for all photo enthusiasts.

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The 10 Most Disruptive Technology Combinations

Often, even great new technology needs a partner to really change the world. Here are 10 marriages of technologies that have shaken the digital world over the last 25 years.

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Track your moves with TrackStick

“Tracksticks are small GPS location recorders capable of continuously logging their own location histories for extended periods of time. These detailed recordings include time, date, location, speed, heading and altitude. Built-in flash memory and long battery life allows for the storage of months of travel information.”

Plug it in the USB drive and overlay your moves on Google maps or other supported mapping services. Perfect backpacking companion.

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Obama’s Speech on Race


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Create .NET apps in minutes with Iron Speed

In their own words: “Generate database and reporting applications for .NET in minutes. Quickly create visually stunning, feature-rich Web 2.0 applications that are easy to customize and ready to deploy. If you need an app built today, use Iron Speed Designer”

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Visa IPO, biggest in US history

“Visa Inc., the largest payment-card network, set a record for U.S. initial public offerings today by raising $17.9 billion, more than expected… It values the entire company at $42.5 billion.”

“The IPO eclipses AT&T Wireless Group’s $10.6 billion stock offering in 2000 and ranks second in the world after the $22 billion debut in 2006 of Industrial & Commercial Bank of China Ltd.” – Bloomberg

arrow_blue_small Visa Raises $17.9 Billion in Record-Setting U.S. IPO

Update:  Visa sold additional $1.8 billion worth of IPO shares bringing the total tally to $19.7 billion. (Source)