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Turn your average router into a super-router

Tomato is an open source firmware for routers that does a multitude of things — from Wi-Fi signal boosting to Quality of Service bandwidth allocation—in addition to offering a simplified interface chock-full of fancy charts and graphs.

Turn Your $60 Router into a User-Friendly Super-Router with Tomato

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World’s fastest computers generates lists of world’s supercomputers based on various user defined metrics. For example here is a list of the supercomputers ranked by the processing speed (most number of operations per second) which is toped by IBM’s BlueGene/L at 478 TeraFlops (trillion operations per second).

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Why Africa is China’s new best friend

China is making huge economic investments in Africa — a win-win or natural resource exploitation?

Roundtable probes the politics of China’s large-scale investments in Africa


Abobe opens Flash format

Adobe announced today that they are opening the SWF and FLV formats via the Open Screen Project. (via slashdot)

Open Screen Project