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Browser fun: Scalable Vector Graphics app

A neat SVG application that do not make use of Flash/Silverlight or Java for interactive user-interface, just vanilla SVG.


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TrueCrypt 6.0 Released

The new version touts two major upgrades. ‘First, TrueCrypt now performs parallel encryption and decryption operations on multi-core systems, giving you a phenomenal speedup if you have more than one processor available. Second, it now has the ability to hide an entire operating system, so even if you’re forced to reveal your pre-boot password to an adversary, you can give them one that boots into a plausible decoy operating system, with your hidden operating system remaining completely undetectable.’

TrueCrypt 6.0 Released

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“Vulnerability tax” on buggy software; Using economics to improve the industry!

The total economic cost of software security flaws has been estimated at about $180 billion a year. A former cryptographer for the National Security Agency and NASA suggests creating a tax on software based on the number and severity of security bugs, even if the cost gets passed on to consumers, in order to hold software manufacturers accountable.

A Tax On Buggy Software

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Google adds new privacy feature I was thinking of last week!

Gmail has introduced a new privacy feature that will let users see how many computers their account is open on, and also allows them to sign-out remotely.

Google Lets You Monitor Access To Your Gmail Account

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Google is fast becoming just another company

Google co-founder Sergey Brin said he had no sympathy for the parents, and that he was tired of “Googlers” who felt entitled to perks like “bottled water and M&Ms”.

On Day Care, Google Makes a Rare Fumble