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A Software Engineer’s perspective of Indian Economy

Balaji’s article is one of the better bits of analysis on the Indian economy I’ve read recently. note: with my financial background hat on!

India’s Scorching Economic Growth

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Thanks Prashant. Clearly a passionate positive perspective. Recently I read another article that wasn’t so positive, and remarked about overheating concerns:

Personally, I think there is some aspect of that, but more importantly significant issues with finding talent and retaining talent in India. I like the idea of moving to Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities since it flattens the market place and also helps towards market stability.

Small note: I thought the article has a bias towards India, and to some extent it isn’t a neutral viewpoint – something that I expected from the article!

who exactly are these economists that are not understanding India’s growth story? how come i never come across their viewpoint? in india, i think it has been more than an year since a newspaper or magazine said anything negative about indian economy.

[note: the article saket refers to in his comment was from Economist.]

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