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Adobe Apollo

Taking client side internet browsing a step further, Adobe Apollo is a cross-OS/platform independent runtime that allows developers to leverage their existing web development skills (Flash, Flex, HTML, Ajax) to build and deploy desktop Rich Internet Applicatons (RIA’s). The applications can be run both online and offline. See potential applications in these demo videos.

Adobe Apollo

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Apollo merges the concept of RIAs with RCAs (Rich Client Applications). More accurately, it extends RIAs to RCAs. I think this is a big leap. Given that RIAs are more portable, it appears that Flex/Flash/AJAX are going to more pervasive than ever! šŸ™‚ Time to buy Adobe stock!

… talking of stock, many analysts are upbeat on Adobe shares despite the expected mild first quarter numbers, because they say there is pent-up demand for the company’s Creative Suite 3 due out later this year. Adobe Systems will host a webcast of the official launch of AdobeĀ® Creative SuiteĀ® 3, live from New York City. To participate, visit this page on March 27.

I am pretty sure they are going to talk about Apollo as well.

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