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AI and future of Humanity

There are two dominant opinions about the future of Artificial Intelligence and Humanity. On one hand is the optimistic view of Ray Kurzweil that increasing potency of computers and AI will aid human beings in being better at everything they do. While, on the other hand, is the camp of Hugo de Garis who is of the opinion that the emergence of new species called ‘artilects’, intellectually billion times more capable than humans, will raise a war against us and destroy humanity.

Since time immemorial, the use of technology has almost always supported both good and bad cause. Be it the invention of primitive tools, atomic research or computers. They have always been implemented in ways to support and to disrupt human ascension. The root cause of such outcomes has been the human species itself. The peaceful sect of the society thinks along the lines of facilitating and comforting life, where as, circumstances or blatantly notorious human psyche, inevitably instigates destructive intentions.

My perception of all this is that the new so called ‘artilects’ or ‘cyborgs‘, just like the human race, will be divided amongst good and bad. The ‘good group’ together with ‘good humans’ will pave path for further creativity and exploration of new vistas, while the other group will impede the growth of the former for the sole desire of emerging as the dominant group. This however assumes the fact that the new species will have human-like traits, including egotism.

Perhaps inevitable. We can never be sure of what will happen untill it actually does. Ray Kurzweil appropriately termed this point of machine meeting the man as ‘singularity’, a state beyond which laws of rationale do not suffice.

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