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Federal Income Tax in America is unconstitutional!


This documentary is definitely worth ~2hrs of your life, especially if you’re an American citizen or resident. Hell… based on Russo’s conclusions, it’s worth watching if you even live on this planet and value freedom.

And here’s another site which seems to have a fair few similar-themed movies and documentaries.

America: Freedom to Fascism

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Will science ever explain consciousness?

Now here’s one to get your ‘consciousness neurons’ in a frenzy… A thought provoking write-up citing how scientists are approaching the matter of understanding ‘consciousness’. As a firm believer in science, I feel this should be possible – only a matter of time.

Btw, has anyone heard of the term qualia before?!

Why the mind is life’s greatest mystery


21 handy bloggin’ tips

Some blogging tips:

21 Surefire Tips for a Successful Blog Launch