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Gandhi on Jews & Middle-East

“It is of utmost importance to remember the time of this writing. It is 1938, Hitler is ruling Germany, and the clouds of a terrible conflict have begun to form. Gandhi’s article shows his incredible sense of right and wrong, his blind faith in his methodology, and his profound vision of things to come.” Via reddit.

Gandhi on Jews & Middle-East

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Gravity ain’t a force as you were taught in school

Ninety years after he expounded his famous theory, a $700m Nasa probe has proved that the universe behaves as he said. Now the race is on to show that the other half of relativity also works.

Einstein was right: space and time bend

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248-dimension math problem solved

“An international team of mathematicians has detailed a vast complex numerical “structure” which was invented more than a century ago. Mapping the 248-dimensional structure, called E8, took four years of work and produced more data than the Human Genome Project, researchers said.” -BBC

248-dimension math puzzle solved (2)

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Disruptive Innovation

Clayton Christensen describes how one of his friends was responsible for that choice when he commented that “those who study genetics avoid studying humans because new generations come along only every thirty years or so, it takes a long time to understand the cause and effect of any changes. Instead, they study fruit flies, because they are conceived, born, mature and die all within a single day. If you want to understand why something happens in business, study the disk drive industry. Those companies are the closest things to fruit flies that the business world will ever see”. More about Disruptive Innovation at wikipedia.

Disruptive Innovation

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A tribute to individuals who have shaped the Indian IT Industry

Dataquest magazine’s 2002 tribute to the people who have helped turn the Indian IT dream into reality. With a five years hindsight, there is no denial that it is an impressively accurate list!

A Dataquest Tribute: The IT Indians

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The big Indian mobile revolution

“…But what is truly wonderful about the “mobile miracle” is that it has accomplished something India’s old socialist policies talked about but did little to achieve: It has empowered the less fortunate.”

India’s great leveler: cell phones

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Ramanujan’s deathbed problem cracked

“Imagine stringing together a thousand random words and then saying you’ve come up with the most beautiful poetry,” says Ono. “That’s essentially what Ramanujan did to us.” Via /.

UW scientists unlock major number theory puzzle

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Old Islamic tile patterns show modern math insight

“A study of medieval Islamic art has shown some of its geometric patterns use principles established centuries later by modern mathematicians.”

Advanced geometry of Islamic art

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The affluenza virus

The affluenza virus has been around since atleast 10,000 B.C, yet it is little understood; are you suffering from it?

Earn more, spend more, want more

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Robert Fisk: Saddam takes his secrets to the grave

An intriguing account by Robert Fisk. “How the West armed Saddam, fed him intelligence on his ‘enemies’, equipped him for atrocities – and then made sure he wouldn’t squeal.”

Saddam takes his secrets to the grave