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Hardening of the categories

“If you have a tendency to procrastinate, at least do the most enjoyable thing first”. Thanks to Matthew for the recommendation.

A matter of opinion by Roger Hicks

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History of Delusion

5,000 years of religion in 90 seconds (flash). Original via reddit. See comments.

History of Religion

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NASA on Sanskrit & Artificial Intelligence

I came across this interesting article on Sanskrit and its application in Artificial Intelligence. I managed to understand some aspects of author’s arguments, in part due to my basic understanding of the Sanskrit language. However, significant part of the paper requires academic investigation. Some of the figures have clearly been added to the original text and are out-of-place, for example, the figure that illustrates application of XSL transformations to XML data to generate C header and source files!

Knowledge Representation in Sanskrit and Artificial Intelligence

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The Lost Temples of India

A wonderful documentary about the lost temples of India by the Discovery channel. It starts, of course, with the obvious choice – the Taj Mahal, but the documentary is about the Brihadeeswara temple at Tanjore, built by Raja Raja Chola. Length: 52:10 mins.

The lost temples of India

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The Antikythera Mechanism

The Antikythera mechanism has been a source of mystery to some of the finest minds of last century. Usually, we regard our present time to be most technologically evolved in known human history, but fragments like these make us humble and convince us of possibility that this argument is flawed and ignorant. What do you think?

Ancient Computer Surprises Scientists