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Consumerism is leading to US decline

I don’t quite share the US nationalism of the author, but fully agree with his/her passionate article – consumerism is leading to US decline and we’re creating the biggest debt in human history for the next generation. Update: $100.60 spent for $100 earned.

Santa Clause is Chinese

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The Antikythera Mechanism

The Antikythera mechanism has been a source of mystery to some of the finest minds of last century. Usually, we regard our present time to be most technologically evolved in known human history, but fragments like these make us humble and convince us of possibility that this argument is flawed and ignorant. What do you think?

Ancient Computer Surprises Scientists

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Is it a flat world?

An interesting interview by globalization guru Thomas Friedman re: The World Is Flat at Wired. Also known as “flatman” by some critics, for example, But the world’s still round. Personally, I’m somewhere in the middle, agreeing and disagreeing with both on various issues.

Why the World Is Flat

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The IT Professional Outlook

An interesting excerpt from a report:

By 2010, IT professionals will need to possess expertise in multiple domains. Technical aptitude alone will no longer be enough. IT professionals must prove they can understand business realities – industry, core processes, customer bases, regulatory environment, culture and constraints. Versatility will be crucial.


Facing the truth about Africa…

Quite harsh one-sided opinion, but has some merit!

Let Africa Sink