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Google: Foreign workers are key to our success

Google VP joins Bill Gates and urges Washington to fix appalling US immigration system.

Google: Foreign workers are key to our success

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1 reply on “Google: Foreign workers are key to our success”

It is definitely an interesting situation. The united states has less interest overall in students persuing careers related to math and science. This of course includes computer science, software engineering and other careers which directly fall into the scope of this discussions.

Other countries, on the contrary, have seen growth in these sectors due to the natural evolution of their markets, the global market, as well as some investments made some years ago in this sector by the smart ones.

There is no doubt that if the U.S. does not change it’s policies it will only be subject to more off shoring of jobs, more competition in the global market, and less quality for their own consumption of products and services. I understand these measures are not to be taken lightly. Never the less, I believe this is not being handled properly, and in the coming years we will see the negative impact.

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