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Joost, a follow up

I received a Joost invitation to test the Beta version after 2 months of signing up for it on its website. The first impressions of the website/application are great. The whole look and feel makes it a very pleasant experience. However, on my 1.2 GHz PIII Mobile Laptop with 510MB (available) Ram, and 4Mbps internet connection, the video is rather jerky and the application crashes very often. If you want an invitation to test it, drop in a comment to this post (update: more invites available).


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5 replies on “Joost, a follow up”

I would like to test Joost on my Intel MacBook, I did install it, but without an invitation I am not able to use it. Can you send me an invitation?

thank you very much

Hi Valerio,

Thank you for your comment.

The invitation that I got was a link to download the beta version of Joost, which is not available to download from the website currently. A login name is required to be created once it is installed and run following the instructions on the screen. So if you have been able to install it, you should be able to create a login name.

Still sending you an invite, let us know if it works.

Hi Piyush,

I would very much appreciate an invite if you have a spare!
I can’t wait to peek behind the curtain that seperates Joost and I at the moment!

Thanks in advance,

ejp36 at a hot letter dot com


I have more invitations to give out (until further notice here). Post a comment here or email me for an invite.

Emma and Valerio, I had sent you the invitations, please let me know if you recieved them and how you are getting on with it.

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