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Microsoft Vs Apple

Here’s an interesting coincidence between the share price trend of Microsoft in the 4 years preceding the dot com bust in 2000 and the past 4 years’ share price of Apple. Both increased a little above 900% in the respective periods (see figures below). In the four years following the bust, Microsoft’s share price fell more than 50% (see second figure). What’s going to happen to Apple (and the entire economy)? It is by no means a conclusive comparison as there are a multitude of factors that have resulted in the present state of market and that will define the course of Apple in future. For now, Apple is going strong with its sales and looking hopeful with its upcoming products. An interesting comparison though.

Microsoft vs Apple pre-2000 bust:

MSFT vs AAPL pre 2000

Microsoft post-2000 bust:

MSFT post 2000