India’s Modern Architectural Wonders

Some slick new architecture plans in India. Look great!

Modern Wonders of India


Visualise your search results

A picture says more than a thousand words. A visualiser, and perhaps a meta search engine, that adds nice eye-candy to your search results. Cool!



Prayers may be bad for health

Seeking to assess the effect of third-party prayer on patient outcomes, investigators found no evidence for divine intervention. They did, however, detect a possible proof for the power of negative thinking. Patients who were prayed for and knew it experienced a higher rate of postsurgical heart arrhythmias (59 versus 52 percent of unaware subjects).

American Heart Journal Article


21 handy bloggin’ tips

Some blogging tips:

21 Surefire Tips for a Successful Blog Launch


Not so firefoxy!

Don’t get me wrong, I am myself an avid user of Mozilla Firefox. But my excitement is almost drained off with latest Firefox 2.0 release.

Firefox 2.0 Recap

Health Technology

Be laid back at work: Literally

Against popular belief, sitting straight may not always be the best choice. A BBC article states that Scottish and Canadian researchers used a new form of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to show this. Instead they said that the best position in which to sit at your desk is leaning slightly back, at about 135 degrees.

arrow_blue_small Sitting straight ‘bad for backs’

Productivity Technology

A better console for Windows

Are you a Windows command-prompt power user? Console is nice tool that sits on top of the windows command-prompt and adds some funky features and eye-candy; for starters, I love to see the wallpaper in the background rather than a plain colour. Then, there are tabs and transparency options!


Console for Windows


The Future of Rails and more

Is WS-* the future of enterprise computing? David Hansson thinks not. A very interesting interview by Hansson at InfoQ, the creator of Ruby on Rails, especially his focus on “simplicity” (caution: bit blunt at times). Personally, I think a core subset of WS-* will be part of our future, but likely not all of it.

David H. Hansson on the Future of Rails

Business India Social

Is it a flat world?

An interesting interview by globalization guru Thomas Friedman re: The World Is Flat at Wired. Also known as “flatman” by some critics, for example, But the world’s still round. Personally, I’m somewhere in the middle, agreeing and disagreeing with both on various issues.

Why the World Is Flat


9 truths of innovation

Tips from world famous Guy Kawasaki. Fascinating. My favourites –

“Innovation is not an event. It’s a process.”

“Let a hundred flowers blossom.”

The Art of Innovation