Social Technology

Power of internet blogs

In the wake of recent happenings in the blogger world I could not resist the feeling of awe regarding the power electronic blogs have amassed. On May 1st Digg tried to suppress stories about an HD-DVD code which created significant turbulence at Digg and resulted in Digg owner having to give his opinion about the matter. Yesterday (May 15th), another turmoil was caused by an ‘accidental’ deletion of a post at Flickr regarding the selling of a user’s photographic material by an ebay store without her permission. This once again had to be handled by the owner of Flickr. Elsewhere, an Engadget story claiming that the release of Apple’s iPhone and Leaopard operating system was being delayed (as mentioned in an internal email to Apple employees) resulted in a sudden drop of Apple’s share price which wiped $4 bil off Apple’s market cap. This story was later reverted by Engadget in light of Apple’s notification that the email was a hoax. These incidents are just to name a few.

It seems blogs have surpassed the status Newspapers and TV held a few years ago, with the positive side being that unlike the latter, power has shifted in the hands of the common person. World is becoming a more democratic place, perhaps!