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Completely Uninstalling Windows Applications

When you uninstall a Windows application, the uninstaller doesn’t remove all the files and registry entries created by the application. Sometimes the developers were too lazy or they thought those files might be needed if you reinstall the application. The end result is that your computer loads slower because your registry contains more entries and the hard drive stores unnecessary files.

Revo Uninstaller is a software that lets you completely uninstall programs and it’s easier to use than the built-in “Add or remove programs”. You can search for a program or locate it in a more intuitive way: enter in the Hunter Mode, open the program you want to uninstall and drag the target to your program’s window.

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How to detach the quick launch bar in windows

Ever wanted the quick launch bar to be wider so that you could fit more apps into it and yet have space for the application tabs? Simply detach the quick launch bar and make it as a dock on the desktop attached to any screen side. The method described below will work on Windows XP and Vista alike.

Go to

C:\Users\{YourAccount}\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Internet Explorer

and drag the “QuickLaunch” folder to the desired screen-border. For best results, right click on the newly formed quick launch bar and select choose the options to remove the title, have small icons, uncheck auto hide and make it appear always on top.

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