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The Network/Internet is the Computer

…how we change the fundamental nature of the Web. Web 2.0, mash-ups, and feeds are interesting, but they are step one of a two-step process. The Web today is a push model. People write content that is pushed out to people who read it. Programmers write Web applications that end users “use.” People write mash-ups or scripts to access the “pushed” content. These applications run on the PC today, but I believe that they could migrate into the Internet “cloud.” The Internet now becomes the programmable Internet and can run my applications for me. The tag line is, “The Internet is the computer.”…  by Ex-IBM Fellow and now MS Technical Fellow (note: the emphasis on Software)

btw, Sun have had this tag line for sometime. See Schwartz’s blog entry (note: the emphasis on Hardware), their idea was well ahead of its time, but execution for this vision isn’t simple or quick, and thus hasn’t been so!

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