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Turn your iPod Touch into an iPhone with iClamp

“The iClamp iPod Converter has been developed to give us mere mortals a chance to live the iPhone dream without having to sell a kidney. All you have to do is insert your simcard into the iClamp (any network will do – sorry O2) and clamp this device to your iPod Touch, making sure the top and bottom section are properly inserted. The onboard software does the rest – you’ll see a little call icon pop up on the screen, which means your ready to make and receive calls. Hey presto – you’ve got yourself an iPhone, and all for under £100!”

Update: This was an april fool’s joke. I would have known if I had try to buy it. It didnt appeal to me since the specs showed that it was twice as thick as the iPhone and that is a major consideration for me personally. This would be a cool gadget to have though.

Link to the Product Page: iClamp iPod Converter – I Want One Of Those

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