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Will science ever explain consciousness?

Now here’s one to get your ‘consciousness neurons’ in a frenzy… A thought provoking write-up citing how scientists are approaching the matter of understanding ‘consciousness’. As a firm believer in science, I feel this should be possible – only a matter of time.

Btw, has anyone heard of the term qualia before?!

Why the mind is life’s greatest mystery

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Good one. Reminds me of Charlie Rose’s interview of James Watson (of Watson & Crick fame) and Harward Prof E.O.Wilson.
The latter referred to Darwin’s Origin of Species and Watson & Crick’s discovery of molecular code for DNA as 2 major achievements in modern biology. Charlie Rose asked them what prospective discovery could be the next big thing.
Watson said understanding architecture of human memory- storage of information in human brain- is the next big challenge. Wilson referred to the fact that we still do not know much about the conscious mind.
The term ‘qualia’ was a new one (though the idea was not).

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