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Wow, an excellent essay – only read it when you’re calm and free-minded, otherwise, it will be a boring lengthy nonsense.

Curve, Split, New, Limits, Recipes and Different.

Is it worth being wise?

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Federal Income Tax in America is unconstitutional!


This documentary is definitely worth ~2hrs of your life, especially if you’re an American citizen or resident. Hell… based on Russo’s conclusions, it’s worth watching if you even live on this planet and value freedom.

And here’s another site which seems to have a fair few similar-themed movies and documentaries.

America: Freedom to Fascism

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Hardening of the categories

“If you have a tendency to procrastinate, at least do the most enjoyable thing first”. Thanks to Matthew for the recommendation.

A matter of opinion by Roger Hicks


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AI and future of Humanity

There are two dominant opinions about the future of Artificial Intelligence and Humanity. On one hand is the optimistic view of Ray Kurzweil that increasing potency of computers and AI will aid human beings in being better at everything they do. While, on the other hand, is the camp of Hugo de Garis who is of the opinion that the emergence of new species called ‘artilects’, intellectually billion times more capable than humans, will raise a war against us and destroy humanity.

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Will science ever explain consciousness?

Now here’s one to get your ‘consciousness neurons’ in a frenzy… A thought provoking write-up citing how scientists are approaching the matter of understanding ‘consciousness’. As a firm believer in science, I feel this should be possible – only a matter of time.

Btw, has anyone heard of the term qualia before?!

Why the mind is life’s greatest mystery

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Are we living in a computer simulation?

First I thought this is simply like the Matrix theme – what’s new about it!?! But then I realised there is more. It’s intriguing. I didn’t quite understand p2 col 1 – “If we work out the numbers, we find that there would be vastly many more simulated minds than nonsimulated minds”. Last paragraph in the document is nice.

Do we live in a computer simulation?