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Your own ‘free’ ‘hosted’ wiki!

Want a wiki for your own project? Can’t be bothered to have your own LAMP setup, hardware/networking resources, admin. security and authentication? And, certainly not bothered to choose amongst 50+ wiki software? Wikipedia founder’s latest venture, backed by several famous angel investors – Wikia is for you! Via PCMag.


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Hardening of the categories

“If you have a tendency to procrastinate, at least do the most enjoyable thing first”. Thanks to Matthew for the recommendation.

A matter of opinion by Roger Hicks

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Science mag: Breakthrough of the year

No prizes for guessing the top entry, it’s proof for Poincaré Conjecture.  The runners-up are thus more interesting. Original link via BBC.

Breakthrough of the year: The Runners-up

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Heavier weight ≠ greater energy cost

Researchers at University of Pennsylvania have developed a backpack which makes one feel ‘86% reduction’ in the weight being carried. A bungee system keeps the weight suspended at the same height above the ground while the carrier is walking or running, [resulting in a constant potential energy for the suspended weight] hence reducing the strain on the body. Innovative!

Bungee-Powered Backpack Can Lighten Your Load

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WYSIWYG vs. WYSIWYM or Cool TeX Document Processor

Ok, I confess I’ve been late to discover TeX; and merely few decades since it first came out 🙂 I knew about its existence for some time, but never seriously bought into the idea i.e., actually use it myself for some real work. After reading first two pages of LyX Introduction, I’m fully convinced – WYSIWYM >> WYSIWYG; and I’m going to use it from now on!

In case you hit the same installation problem on Windows as I did, here is the solution to it.  Also, to change default font from ugly bitmap font to outline font, simply use \usepackage{lmodern} or\usepackage{times} in the document preamble.

Thanks to Piyush for the recommendation.


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History of Delusion

5,000 years of religion in 90 seconds (flash). Original via reddit. See comments.

History of Religion

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Consumerism is leading to US decline

I don’t quite share the US nationalism of the author, but fully agree with his/her passionate article – consumerism is leading to US decline and we’re creating the biggest debt in human history for the next generation. Update: $100.60 spent for $100 earned.

Santa Clause is Chinese


Linux distributions timeline (picture)

A nice visualization of millions of Linux distributions over the last decade or so, their timeline and relationships.

Linux distro timeline

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Shunya’s travel pictures from India

Interested in Photography? Shunya has some of the best travel pictures of India. Check’em out.

Shunya’s travel pictures from India

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15 unusual ways to use Google

Cool collection of 15 tips to use Google. And here is a 16th: mp3 files for your fav. artist! And a 17th: pdf papers for your research topic from US educational institutions 🙂 Original link via Lifehacker.

Exploring Google’s Hidden Features