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Future Leaders Survey

An interesting survey of 54,240 students applying to British universities; popular opinions amongst the students or our future leaders are:

  • thinks of itself as more materialistic, more affected by crime and less healthy than its parents’ generation, and more worried about what the future holds;
  • thinks the effects of climate change will be hitting hard by 2031;
  • and thinks inequality between rich countries and poor countries will grow.

Future Leaders Survey 2006/7


How to choose your religion

Don’t remember how this site came to my attention, but if want to choose a religion you might wish to look at the Belief-o-matic!

I’m not seriously suggesting that you should choose a faith solely based upon a website quiz, but it was illuminating in the type of question asked, and what the answers where; any study of comparative religion could find this beneficial. It provides at the end a list of faiths, and facts about them; doubling interesting in that the faith I considered myself to closely aligned to was a long way down the list!


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Vegetarian is the New Prius

Would you believe me if I said the livestock sector generates more emissions than from all of the world’s transportation combined!? “Producing a calorie of meat protein means burning more than ten times as much fossil fuels.”

Vegetarian is the New Prius

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Collection of e-libraries

An impressive aggregation of libraries of freely available online resources such as ebooks, magazines, tutorials, lecture notes, etc., covering a wide variety of subjects.

Productivity Technology

Synergy and tools

Every so often there’s a tool that makes your life so much easy that you forgot you’re using it. Like many software developers, I have ended up with two different machines on my desk. One WinXP, the other Linux. Synergy is one tool that can make my life so much more easy.

One keyboard, one mouse to control two different machines, and different operating systems.

Synergy @ Sourceforge

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Google as a cluster company…

For a moment, forget about the technology that Google creates and focus on the innovative business model — Google as a cluster company — a core plus lots of small startups; and as a VC.

The Google Development Algorithm

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Long-term economic impact of climate change

The Insurance industry needs to provide leadership for a change, even though contradictingly it is accepted that most big insurers are heavily invested in those businesses that are the biggest contributors to global warming. Furthermore, even if we can convince businesses in US and Europe, how can we make our point to emerging countries who are contributing emissions that are ~5% of US, but is rapidly rising?

A Changing Climate

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The affluenza virus

The affluenza virus has been around since atleast 10,000 B.C, yet it is little understood; are you suffering from it?

Earn more, spend more, want more

Productivity Technology


“The open source iText library makes PDF creation a snap. This article introduces iText and gives a step-by-step guide to using it to generate PDF documents from Java technology applications.” More generally, data can be written to a file or, for example, from a servlet to a web browser.

Generate PDF files from Java applications dynamically

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Can’t find it with search? Ask!

Yahoo! Answers motto – “Can’t find it with search? Ask”. It is simply a bigger version of a typical “news group” with better look and feel; or there is more to it?

Dr. Stephen Hawking asks “How can the human race survive the next hundred years”?

The President of India asks “What should we do to free our planet from terrorism”?