Atrocities of US soldiers in Iraq

Caution: Depressing

US soldier admits murdering girl

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Subroto Bagchi on Entrepreneurship

I’ve been quite lucky to have met and spoken with him recently. A collection of his thoughts – as articles, presentations and ‘Times of Mind’ essays.

Got what it takes to be an entrepreneur? (Part 1 of 3)

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Scientists must learn to market their work

Simplification and availability of information enables us to do bigger/better things. “(Scientists should) take their scientific studies, market them better and make them readily accessible to the world. That way, the world might have a better chance at solving problems like energy consumption, poverty and global climate change.”

Google’s Page urges scientists to market themselves

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Don’t click – new user interface looks cool

How do you feel about an innovative UI experiment, one with no clicks? Slick or Ugh?

Don’t click

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Garbage -> Fuel

Researchers have built and tested for the military a portable machine that efficiently turns waste into electricity.

A Portable Refinery Powered by Garbage

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Water computer

MIT’s Paulo is doing some exciting work with ‘Programmable Water’; very early days, nonetheless very exciting. My dad started his PhD research at IIT Bombay in 1972 on exactly this topic!

Do we really invent things or simply rediscover them?

Programmable Water

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Inkless printer

Rather than spray ink over paper, have the ink embedded in the paper and selectively highlight tiny points on the paper – neat!

Inkless printer to be built into digital cameras

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Enabling the blind to see

Researchers at University of California have developed retinal implants creating a bionic eye, enabling the blind people to retore their visual capabilities. The resolution is poor due to early days, but has great potential.

Bionic eye implants look ahead

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ODF + PDF vs. OpenXML + XPS?

With the hot standards battle for document formats, which one is your fav.? I’m betting on PDF since it is well understood, supported by tools like LaTeX and LyX; and ODF for new docs, which in turn can easily be converted to PDF. No more .doc, .xls, .ppt, .lwp, .123, .prz, .swx, .sxc, .sxi etc. Nice! Pervasiveness of MS tools may mean OpenXML + XPS is the new standard, but replacing PDF will be tough!

Feature comparison table for PDF, XPS and ODF

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Wow, an excellent essay – only read it when you’re calm and free-minded, otherwise, it will be a boring lengthy nonsense.

Curve, Split, New, Limits, Recipes and Different.

Is it worth being wise?