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Tata Nano Unveiled!

The much anticipated Tata’s $2500 car was unveiled today.

“The car will meet all current safety norms and all emission criteria. The pollution it will cause will be lower than 2-wheelers.”

Not since the launch of the Maruti 800 in 1983 has any car gripped the imagination of a nation and indeed car manufacturers the world over so intensely. If commercially successful, the Tata Nano can alter the passenger car market in India, and perhaps the world, beyond description.

arrow_blue_small Tata Nano Unveiled!

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50 things I’ve learned in 50 years

An impressive list and words of wisdom.

arrow_blue_small 50 things I’ve learned in 50 years, a partial list in no particular order

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Daytime sleep improves memory

A ninety minute daytime nap helps speed up the process of long term memory consolidation, a recent study conducted by Prof. Avi Karni and Dr. Maria Korman of the Center for Brain and Behavior Research at the University of Haifa found. The research was published in the scientific journal Nature Neuroscience. “We still don’t know the exact mechanism of the memory process that occurs during sleep, but the results of this research suggest the possibility that it is possible to speed up memory consolidation, and in the future, we may be able to do it artificially,” said Prof. Karni. [via Eurekalert]

arrow_blue_small Daytime sleep improves memory consolidation