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Heavier weight ≠ greater energy cost

Researchers at University of Pennsylvania have developed a backpack which makes one feel ‘86% reduction’ in the weight being carried. A bungee system keeps the weight suspended at the same height above the ground while the carrier is walking or running, [resulting in a constant potential energy for the suspended weight] hence reducing the strain on the body. Innovative!

Bungee-Powered Backpack Can Lighten Your Load

Innovation Productivity

And you thought printed books were not cool?

A fascinating and well priced service to create your own professional books!


Innovation Science

Wireless electricity in near future?

Finally, things are getting exciting with the possibility of wireless electricity in near future, thanks to folks at the MIT. “Wireless energy transfer has been thought about for centuries”

Physics promises wireless power

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Convert anything to anything

“Convert pretty much any format of anything to any other format. Online. Free. Without downloading anything.” Digg comments. LifeHacker mention. Update: Alternatively, Media Convert or for videos Hey!Watch, via Crunchie.


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Utility computing + SaaS + Utility retailing = wow!

Amazon’s Jeff Bezos is doing great stuff – by making utility computing, SaaS and utility retailing a reality – simple and inexpensive. Personally, I think this a great vision (not Jeff’s exclusively) and great execution (Jeff’s exclusively). For example, (a subset) Amazon S3 is already touted as big success; and EC2 is just being unveiled. I think the potential of this easily dwarfs the success of Amazon as an e-retailer (A thumbs up from KPCB too!).

Jeff Bezos’ Risky Bet

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Bomb Detection: Sniffer dogs have competition

Scientists at Los Alamos National Laboratory have developed a method for training the common honey bee to detect the explosives used in bombs.

Detecting explosives with honeybees

Art Innovation

Interactive 360 degree panoramas

I’ve never seen such amazing photography in my life! The 360 degree view makes you feel you are there and time has frozen. Some examples: Château de Chenonceau, Eiffel Tower and Times Square. Which one is your favourite?


9 truths of innovation

Tips from world famous Guy Kawasaki. Fascinating. My favourites –

“Innovation is not an event. It’s a process.”

“Let a hundred flowers blossom.”

The Art of Innovation

Business Innovation Technology

Entreneurship opportunities in IT

Really liked this perspective!

Entreneurship opportunities in IT