Ghost – Global Hosted Operating System is a website that displays a virtual computer inside a browser. You can log into your account from anywhere to access your saved preferences, files, custom programs etc. Ghost is in early stages and there are other similar services out there. For more info and a list of web based operating systems, see here.

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First zero-emission home unveiled

“The design, unveiled at the Offsite 2007 exhibition in Watford, meets rules to be applied in 2016 that aim to make UK homes more energy-efficient.”

The home generates all its own energy – and when you’re away on holiday can send electricity back to the National Grid. The company says its annual energy bill would be £31, as compared to £500 for the standard new home of this size.” -BBC

First zero-emission home unveiled

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Walt Disney enters Bollywood domain

Walt Disney has reportedly signed a deal with India’s Yashraj Film Studios. The deal binds the two to make atleast one animated movie per year in which Bollywood actors would lend their voices to the feature. The deal signifies the impact Bollywood has on the entertainment industry worldwide and open great prospects for expansion and growth for both.

In another move, Indian film maker Sanjay-Leela Bhansali is producing India’s first Hollywood backed production this year in collaboration with Sony Pictures. UTV Motion Pictures also entered into strategic relationships with several international studios including 20th Century Fox, Walt Disney and Will Smith’s Overbrook.

Bollywood has become serious business!

Lewis Hamilton rocks F1 world!!

22 year old Brit rocks F1 world in his debut year — six podium positions in all of six races of 2007 so far, wins the Grand Prix in the sixth one, and leads the 2007 F1 Drivers’ Championship — achieving something never achieved before!

Hamilton has set four Formula One records in quick succession. With his first start at the 2007 Australian Grand Prix, he became the first black driver to compete in Formula One. At the 2007 Bahrain Grand Prix, he became the first F1 driver to finish in the top three in his first three races. After he finished second at the 2007 Spanish Grand Prix, he became the youngest driver ever to lead the drivers’ championship. Hamilton gained his first victory at the 2007 Canadian Grand Prix and became the first black person to win a Formula One race.

“Increasingly those in the know in F1 are talking about Hamilton as potentially one of the greatest drivers in history.”

Sky’s the limit for Hamilton

Wireless energy promise powers up

MIT Researchers have powered a light bulb remotely. The successful experiment was to lit a 60-watt light bulb from a power source two meters away, with no physical connection between the power source and the light bulb. Named: WiTricity, or wireless electricity. The MIT work improves upon previous knowledge and does not require an uninterrupted line of sight.

Awesome and fascinating 🙂

Wireless energy promise powers up

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YCombinator Startup Notes

Some serious, useful and witty advise, pointers, questions and do’s and dont’s about start-ups from the experienced elite of the Web 2.0 startups’ world. At Scribd.

On a side note, Scribd received a $3.5 million funding from investors, adding to the ever growing list of successful Web2.0 startups.

YCombinator Startup School Notes 2007

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