Randy Pausch’s ‘Last Lecture’ – truly inspirational

Randy Pausch is a professor at Carnegie Mellon University and suffering with Pancreatic cancer. Below is a presentation he gave as if it were his ‘last lecture’. In this lecture, he talks about achieving his childhood dreams. I also liked his talk on time management.


Web’s top blogs @ alltop.com

Alltop, all the top stories
Alltop.com is a refined collection of some of the best blogs on the web categorised under different sections like life, gossip, startups, programming, travel, India, China, etc. (82 categories at the time of writing).

If it adds any credibility, one of person behind Alltop is Guy Kawasaki, that was a good enough reason for me to look at it.


Harnessing ocean wave energy

Wave dragon “is a pioneering large scale ocean energy solution for bulk electricity generation.” “The Wave Dragon overtopping device elevates ocean waves to a reservoir above sea level where water is let out through a number of turbines and in this way transformed into electricity.”
Watch the promotional video below.


India’s hottest startups

“To zero in on the most happening young ventures, Business Today spoke to venture capitalists, executives, and industry watchers. From a long list of names, we finally picked 10 that stood out for the uniqueness of their businesses or rapid growth. Finally, we also bring you an update on our last year’s list of hottest start-ups.” – BusinessToday (via Hacker News)

India’s hottest startups