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Plastic Solar Cells: Cheaper ‘green’ electricity?

A new analytical technique for the generation of electricity through plastic solar cells, developed by a team led by Penn State University, was published as the cover story in this week’s issue of the Journal of Physical Chemistry B.

How Plastic Solar Cells Turn Sunlight into Electricity

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AI and future of Humanity

There are two dominant opinions about the future of Artificial Intelligence and Humanity. On one hand is the optimistic view of Ray Kurzweil that increasing potency of computers and AI will aid human beings in being better at everything they do. While, on the other hand, is the camp of Hugo de Garis who is of the opinion that the emergence of new species called ‘artilects’, intellectually billion times more capable than humans, will raise a war against us and destroy humanity.

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Bomb Detection: Sniffer dogs have competition

Scientists at Los Alamos National Laboratory have developed a method for training the common honey bee to detect the explosives used in bombs.

Detecting explosives with honeybees

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Be laid back at work: Literally

Against popular belief, sitting straight may not always be the best choice. A BBC article states that Scottish and Canadian researchers used a new form of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to show this. Instead they said that the best position in which to sit at your desk is leaning slightly back, at about 135 degrees.

arrow_blue_small Sitting straight ‘bad for backs’


Leonardo: A socially alive robot

MIT Labs have developed a robot called Leonardo that interacts with humans and learns through such interactions. It is able to learn and apply its knowledge to similar tasks. Apart from carrying out complex visual and auditory tasks, it even looks remarkably like a living being. MIT Labs has many demonstration videos, though this one is my favourite.



Animation through Facial Tracking

As mentioned in a recent article (requires subscription) by New York times, Image metrics unveiled their new facial mapping software that is bound to change the way animation is done in movies. The mapping in done till fine details of facial muscles. Folow the jump to watch a demo. Can’t be bothered to create a subscription id like me, hey then get one from!

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