Ideas for Google

I think there is an opportunity to do the following:

a) Expose a subset of the tuning/searching variables for a given query to the user with a simple user-interface, as a separate lab project…

Business Innovation Technology

Utility computing + SaaS + Utility retailing = wow!

Amazon’s Jeff Bezos is doing great stuff – by making utility computing, SaaS and utility retailing a reality – simple and inexpensive. Personally, I think this a great vision (not Jeff’s exclusively) and great execution (Jeff’s exclusively). For example, (a subset) Amazon S3 is already touted as big success; and EC2 is just being unveiled. I think the potential of this easily dwarfs the success of Amazon as an e-retailer (A thumbs up from KPCB too!).

Jeff Bezos’ Risky Bet

Art Innovation

Interactive 360 degree panoramas

I’ve never seen such amazing photography in my life! The 360 degree view makes you feel you are there and time has frozen. Some examples: Ch√Ęteau de Chenonceau, Eiffel Tower and Times Square. Which one is your favourite?


Help! UML Fever

Help save anyone sickened by UML fever! Furthermore, and more importantly, do a self-check. “Self-diagnosis and early treatment are crucial in the fight against UML Fever.”

Death by UML Fever

History Social

The Antikythera Mechanism

The Antikythera mechanism has been a source of mystery to some of the finest minds of last century. Usually, we regard our present time to be most technologically evolved in known human history, but fragments like these make us humble and convince us of possibility that this argument is flawed and ignorant. What do you think?

Ancient Computer Surprises Scientists


India’s Modern Architectural Wonders

Some slick new architecture plans in India. Look great!

Modern Wonders of India


Visualise your search results

A picture says more than a thousand words. A visualiser, and perhaps a meta search engine, that adds nice eye-candy to your search results. Cool!


Productivity Technology

A better console for Windows

Are you a Windows command-prompt power user? Console is nice tool that sits on top of the windows command-prompt and adds some funky features and eye-candy; for starters, I love to see the wallpaper in the background rather than a plain colour. Then, there are tabs and transparency options!


Console for Windows


The Future of Rails and more

Is WS-* the future of enterprise computing? David Hansson thinks not. A very interesting interview by Hansson at InfoQ, the creator of Ruby on Rails, especially his focus on “simplicity” (caution: bit blunt at times). Personally, I think a core subset of WS-* will be part of our future, but likely not all of it.

David H. Hansson on the Future of Rails

Business India Social

Is it a flat world?

An interesting interview by globalization guru Thomas Friedman re: The World Is Flat at Wired. Also known as “flatman” by some critics, for example, But the world’s still round. Personally, I’m somewhere in the middle, agreeing and disagreeing with both on various issues.

Why the World Is Flat