9 truths of innovation

Tips from world famous Guy Kawasaki. Fascinating. My favourites –

“Innovation is not an event. It’s a process.”

“Let a hundred flowers blossom.”

The Art of Innovation

Productivity Technology

Try before you install a CMS

Looking for a Content Management System (CMS) for your website and not sure which one is best for you? OpenSourceCMS is an innovative site that let’s you try real installations. It works by taking images of full software stacks, and automatically restoring them periodically. Neat!


Social Technology

The IT Professional Outlook

An interesting excerpt from a report:

By 2010, IT professionals will need to possess expertise in multiple domains. Technical aptitude alone will no longer be enough. IT professionals must prove they can understand business realities – industry, core processes, customer bases, regulatory environment, culture and constraints. Versatility will be crucial.


World University Rankings for 2006

Times World Univeristy Rankings 2006, released 6th October 2006. Oxbridge dominates top three 🙂

Times World University Rankings 2006

Meta Technology

Are we living in a computer simulation?

First I thought this is simply like the Matrix theme – what’s new about it!?! But then I realised there is more. It’s intriguing. I didn’t quite understand p2 col 1 – “If we work out the numbers, we find that there would be vastly many more simulated minds than nonsimulated minds”. Last paragraph in the document is nice.

Do we live in a computer simulation?

Business Innovation Technology

Entreneurship opportunities in IT

Really liked this perspective!

Entreneurship opportunities in IT



Facing the truth about Africa…

Quite harsh one-sided opinion, but has some merit!

Let Africa Sink