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The IT Professional Outlook

An interesting excerpt from a report:

By 2010, IT professionals will need to possess expertise in multiple domains. Technical aptitude alone will no longer be enough. IT professionals must prove they can understand business realities – industry, core processes, customer bases, regulatory environment, culture and constraints. Versatility will be crucial.

Key Findings

  • Four megaforces – global sourcing, IT automation, consumer IT and business reconfiguration – will reshape the future landscape for IT professionals.
  • “Versatilists” – people whose numerous roles, assignments and experiences create synthesized knowledge and context that fuel business value – will emerge.


  • By 2010, the IT profession will split into four domains of expertise: technology, information, process and relationships ( 0.8 probability).
  • By 2010, six of 10 people affiliated with the IT organization will assume business-facing roles (0.7 probability).
  • By 2010, 10 percent to 15 percent of IT professionals will drop out of the IT occupation (0.7 probability).